White color will usually be the first choice when you want to choose a wedding dress. However, as the fashion world development, white wedding dress began to be shifted by other colors like black, blue, green, gold, silver, orange, and so forth.

Some celebrities look beautiful once kicked a successful tradition by choosing colors other than white on their wedding dresses. For example, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel are choosing the color pink, and Avril Lavigne who chose black on her wedding dress.

According to history, the new white color became popular in 1840 when the Queen ago Vicoria wear on her wedding with Prince Albert. Whereas in the Middle Ages, the color black is much more popular.

In addition to black, there is also a blue color that is often applied in a wedding dress because it is considered as a symbol of purity. Yes, the blue color does give the impression of calm and comfortable.

Moreover, when applied to blue wedding dress, instantly able to represent a sense of harmony, loyalty and peace in a family relationship. In addition, the use of blue gown at the wedding will create a fresh and bright atmosphere.

It is more suitable if you are a bride who has a cheerful spirit and character. A dress would be more beautiful if it can reflect the character of the wearer.

Not only that, the selection of blue as the color of the wedding dress will give the impression of fresh and festive in a wedding party. Without realizing it the bright blue color will give either a positive mood at the wedding and invited guests.

Choosing a blue wedding dress will also be more attractive when white and black colors in the wedding dress is too mainstream.

Following some tips for those who want to wear a blue gown at the reception wedding.


Choosing The Appropriate Blue

Yes, choose blue as the color of your wedding dress would not be indiscriminate. It is not recommended to choose a dark blue or navy blue. It would be better if you choose a soft pastel blue or blue.


Choose a Simpler Dress Models

Basically, the selection of blue wedding dress is enough to give a different impression than usual. You will look flashier and attract attention when wearing a blue wedding dress.
Thus, it is advisable to choose a model that is simple dresses and not too overwhelming. Application details can be done in some parts of the course, for example, focus on the back with the use of tape or a particular piece that can show the beauty of the bride’s skin.

It could also provide a focus on the arms, that is the model that combined three-quarter sleeves with lace. There is also a one-shoulder models that will look unusual and show the beauty of the bride’s shoulder.

Blue gown can also be made with multilevel models or peplum. Models dress are layered and terraced to give the impression of simple and comfortable without compromising the elegance of the bride.

While models featuring peplum dress as if composed of two different skirt lengths, skirt length and first looks touching the tip of the ankle while the second layer of the skirt is made like a mini skirt that beautifies the hips and legs.


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